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About us

Nustay.com is an exclusive members-only hotel booking website where you can save up to 86% on more than 1.2 million hotels worldwide.

The big difference between Nustay and other providers are the match and search functionality where you provide us with information about yourself, tell us which destination you want to go and what type of vacation you are going on, before you do the actual search.

This allows our algorithm to match you with our hotels, and instantly show you the hotels best matching your needs and expectations.

The cool thing here is that we at the same time negotiate discounted rates for you, based on how good the match is. This means you will save money on our hotels.

All offers are unique and tailored to your needs, which means you will have the most incredible vacation experience of your life, whilst saving a ton of money!

Nustay.com is owned and operated by Nustay ApS under the VAT number DK36090316. Nustay headquarters are located at Langebrogade 6 E, 2. 1411 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Nustay has office locations in Copenhagen, Dubai and Kiev.