A little more about Nustay hotels
Here is why people use Nustay as their free service for finding the cheapest hotels

Always Cheapest

Nustay offers the best services to the lowest prices in the market. You simply create an account, and our cheap hotel rates will be presented. Finally, there is a way to cut travel costs and spend more on fun stuff!

Transparency Means No Hidden Fees

Unlike traditional hotel booking platforms, the prices shown on Nustay include all taxes and fees, that are legally possible to include. This means that on Nustay.com, the price you see is the price you pay. Have a great and transparent booking experience.

Relevant Search Results Over All

Customers are smart enough to know when companies show products that are profitable for them, before showing the most relevant results. Please believe us when we say- we don’t. Our Smart Search is a combination of ratings, stars, price & distance from city center to give you what we consider to be the absolute BEST & RELEVANT search result.

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